SwiftKey for Android and iOS updated with new features

February 4, 2019

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Microsoft recently released update for its SwiftKey app for iOS and Android devices. On iOS, Microsoft has increased the number of Clipboard items you can have to 30. On Android, SwiftKey app will now automatically switch to “Incognito mode’. SwiftKey’s Incognito mode can be used when you don’t want your keyboard to learn when typing certain words or phrases. There are a variety of cases where you’d prefer that common or rare words don’t appear in your candidate predictions.

Other changes in Android:

  • New Incognito theme and icon
  • Search screen shot cropping is now smoother

Other changes in iOS:

  • Photo Theme previews will now show the correct aspect ratio on newer devices
  • We fixed an issue where the wrong adaptive light/dark theme was loading
  • Fixed a crash for users who use the Shooting Stars theme

Download the SwiftKey update here from App Store and here from Google Play Store.

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