Survey finds Windows Phone developers spend more time on the design of their apps


In a press release by Evans Data of a survey of 400 mobile developers, it was revealed that Windows Phone developers spent significant more of their app development time budget on getting their app to look right compared to iOS, Android and other mobile operating systems.

Windows Phone users spend 30.2% of their time on app design, vs 21.3% on iOS and 19.1% on Android.

Of the 3 major mobile platforms, Windows Phone developers spent the least time debugging their apps (19.8% vs 36.1% on Android) and the most time releasing updates (6.3% vs 3.7% on iOS).

"It’s not surprising that Android developers spend so much time in the debug and test phase," said Janel Garvin, CEO of Evans Data Corp. "The fact that many device manufacturers support Android has provided the largest market for developers targeting that platform, but the other side of it is that the market has become fragmented and developers must test with numerous devices to assure quality."

The survey also found Android developers wanted help with the test and debug phase from manufactures, iOS developers were split evenly between wanting coding and design help from manufacturers, while Windows Phone developers wanted help with coding.

See the table below.

Which phase of development/deployment do you find the most time-consuming when creating apps for the following:

  Design Coding Testing/ Debugging Performance/ UI optimization Release/ submission Maintenance, updates, or upgrades
Android 19.1 22.9 36.1 15.6 2.1 4.2
iOS 21.3 30.7 24.2 18 2 3.7
Windows Phone 30.2 25.7 19.8 16.7 1.4 6.3
Mobile Development Survey: Vol. I, © 2014 Evans Data Corp.

Source: Evansdata