Survey finds American smartphone buyers do not associate Windows Phone with Nokia

NokiaUS3We know Nokia owns more than 80% of the Windows Phone market, but it seems to potential US Smartphone purchasers the connection is yet to be made.

MKM Partners commissioned a survey of 1500 US consumers performed between March 7th and April 2nd, 2013 and found that 6.4% had Windows Phones, but that only 1.6% were Nokia users.

At least 39.5% knew Windows Phone 8 handsets had launched, a sign of the effectiveness of Microsoft’s commercials. Yet only 19% of the  respondents were aware that Nokia has a Windows Phone 8 handset, trailing Samsung at 26% and HTC at 21%.

MKM Partners’s Michael Genovese noted:

While the WP8 OS is gaining in popularity, a disturbing number of respondents (50%) who were aware that WP8 handsets were available for purchase couldn’t associate a handset brand to the OS. In particular Nokia is lost in the shuffle, despite its early standing as a Microsoft partner.

The good news of course is that we know from statistics by Adduplex that Nokia does have a good Windows Phone market share in the US, with their handsets selling a lot better than HTC and Samsung’s ones, suggesting some education is going on when buyers step into stores, but it also clearly shows Nokia still has a lot of work to do to disassociate their brand from their old Symbian handsets and attach it to the Windows Phone OS which they so dominate.

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