Surprise! Windows Mixed Reality does what Windows Phone never could – cross 10% market share

It has been a while since we looked at Steam’s Hardware Survey numbers, but the March 2019 data is out, and it brings a major surprise for Windows Mixed Reality users.

According to Steam’s data, gathered from those who use their portal to access their collection of SteamVR apps, Windows Mixed Reality headsets now hold 10.57% of the installed base, meaning their market share should be significantly higher.

While this is far off from the market share of the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, it finally moves the headset out of the single-digit market share doldrums and suggests that, despite the increasing focus on the enterprise market, there may be a consumer market there for the platform.

HTC’s Vive platform appears to be the major loser from WMR’s slow ascendancy with the Oculus Rift platform also continuing to see growth.

It should be noted that Steam’s numbers are an indirect measure, and if headset users instead use their native portals and games these numbers would fluctuate accordingly.

Does this evidence of success suggest the platform has a future, or will it end up on the chopping block like most of Microsoft’s consumer plays? Let us know below.

Via UploadVR, thanks Anastasios for the tip.

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