Surprise! Microsoft has the most Open Source contributors on GitHub

September 14, 2016


Microsoft has been open sourcing a lot of things lately. The company launched an open sourced Visual Studio Code last year, as well as a lot of other projects — including things like Microsoft Edge’s JavaScript engine, Xamarin SDKs and PowerShell. At its GitHub Universe conference today, GitHub revealed some interesting data as part of its “Octoverse”.

Now, there’s a huge surprise: Microsoft has the most open source contributors on GitHub, according to the data from Octoverse 2016. The company has more than 16,419 contributors, beating Google and Facebook. For those wondering, Facebook has 15,682 contributors while Google has 12,140 contributors on GitHub.

Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code also made it into the list of top repositories with the most open source contributors with 5,855 contributors:


From the looks of things, Microsoft will probably continue releasing more open source projects in the future. The company’s Visual Studio Code has been a huge success so far with more than 2 million installs and the open source community also seems to love Microsoft’s presence. In addition to open sourcing some of its biggest apps and tools, Microsoft has also made some of them available on other platforms such as Linux and macOS. For example, PowerShell recently made its debut on macOS and Linux. Microsoft also brought Microsoft Edge’s JavaScript engine, ChakraCore to macOS and Linux earlier this year.

You can find some more stats from GitHub on this website.

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