Surface Pro buyers complain about backlight bleed

File this one under possibly not a big deal, but Microsoft’s Surface Pro is receiving consumer complaints about backlight bleed. Shortly after noting that the firm had resolved its issue with hibernation, it was brought up (thanks for the tip Surface Guy) that the Surface Pro also had a backlight bleed issue whereby the backlight would bleed at the bottom of the device, creating a lighter area that would show up whenever it could.

Scouring the Reddit threads that had appeared, users would report replacing their Surfaces with other Surfaces, only to run into the same issue over, and over, and over again. What makes this particularly odd is that either the complainers have a run of spectacularly bad luck, or a substantial amount of Surface Pros are prone to backlight bleed. This has also been speculated, as a visual examination of Surface Pros in retail stores reportedly revealed some degree of backlight bleed in most of them.

Of course, some users may not care about the backlight bleed issue with the pros of the device outweighing the cons and the bleed being visible only under specific conditions. If on the other hand, you do care about this. It may be easier to check out your device in store first rather than online to ensure you don’t get a lemon, or simply opt for another device altogether.

Do you have a problem with backlight bleed? Let us know in the comments below.

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