The Surface Phone rumours have just gotten wild!


31, 2017

Despite very little evidence of its existence most of our readers are so familiar with the purported Surface Phone we could list the rumoured specs and features in our sleep.

Today we can however ramp up the crazy a bit more however, after’s Brad Sams leaked some new details regarding the mythical device.

Most of it is pretty basic – the foldable tablet is code-named Andromeda and will be Surface branded, it will feature pen input in a variety of apps including mail, calendar, onenote and more, and that it will feature telephony support.

One brand new aspect however is related to the rumoured involvement of Alex Kipman. According to Brad the device may feature a “holographic display” whatever this means, and will be able to display holograms.

According to Brad Microsoft is optimising UWP applications for dual-screen usage and Microsoft will be aiming for Courier-like folio functionality.

While the device sounds magical, the magic is also not expected to come cheap, with a low volume high priced device likely to hit the market. Given that Microsoft’s hardware experiments tend to hit the $2500 to $3500 range this may not be the Surface Phone we have been looking for.

Read more of the earlier Surface Phone rumours here.

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