Surface Laptop 2 will no longer receive firmware updates from Microsoft

December 28, 2022
Surface Laptop 2

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Microsoft launched the Surface Laptop 2 in October 2018, and unlike the first-gen Surface Laptop, it was the first Surface Laptop to ship with a regular version of Windows 10. While many appreciated its fluid performance and the addition of a regular version of Windows, the Laptop 2 has officially reached the end of support, which means no firmware updates will be available for the device from now on.

The first generation Surface Laptop reached its end-0f-support last year in November, which is exactly four years from its official release date. The Laptop 2 is no exception here. Newer Surface Laptop devices are also eligible for four years of firmware updates, while more powerful Surface devices like the Laptop Studio will get an impressive six years of firmware support.

However, it does not mean that Microsoft will stop pushing software updates to Surface Laptop 2 or other devices that reach end-of-support. The software giant will continue to push Windows updates until the hardware does not become outdated. In other words, Laptop 2 owners will continue to get Windows updates, but firmware updates will no longer appear on the Windows update page in the Settings from now on.

Firmware updates are not as fancy as Windows updates, but they are important for the overall health of your device. Companies push these updates to improve the functionality and features of your device. These updates can also provide a fix to various kinds of performance issues. After Surface Laptop 2, Microsoft will retire firmware update support for the Surface Pro 6 in June 2023. Surface Laptop 3 and Surface Pro 7 will also reach their end-of-support dates next year, as they will be completing their four years cycle in 2023.

Do you use any of the Surface-branded Laptop or Pro PCs? If yes, are you happy with four years of firmware update support? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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