Surface Hub’s user guide now available


Microsoft is expected to start shipping the company’s Surface Hub device in January. For those unfamiliar, the Surface Hub is a device for businesses and it allows teams to collaborate pretty easily. The device comes in two sizes: 84-inch and 55-inch, and runs on Windows 10. The device includes apps like Skype, OneNote, and Cortana to improve collaboration in meetings easier. Now, it looks like Microsoft quietly released the official support guides for the Surface Hub ahead of the official release of the device.

Microsoft is currently providing user guides for how to unpack the Surface Hub (both 84-inch and 55-inch), how to setup the Surface Hub and more. Some of the user guides are available in French, Spanish, and English, too. Here’s the list of guides that are currently available:

It is worth noting that the Surface Hub will have some unique voice commands for Cortana. For example, users will be able to say “Hey Cortana, Start” to start a meeting on the Surface Hub, and say “Hey Cortana, what’s the next meeting” to check their upcoming meeting on the Surface Hub.