At Ignite last year, Microsoft first revealed the Surface Hub 2S.  The 50.5-inch device features a 4K+ display, 4K cameras, integrated speakers, and far-field mic arrays. The Surface Hub 2S will run the current Hub software experience already available on the original Surface Hub devices.

We wrote 2 months ago about the device and its accessories passing through the FCC, and today WalkingCat noticed the Surface Pen and Surface Camera, designed for the Surface Hub, going on sale in the Microsoft Store, suggesting the device itself will hit the market soon.

The Surface Hub 2 Camera is a 4K camera which appears to be a replacement for the camera included with the Surface Hub 2S and offers a wide field of view, useful for teleconferencing.  It costs $219.99

The Surface Hub 2 Pen is touted as being “so responsive it feels like ink is flowing from the pen tip” and costs $169.99.

Both accessories appear to be on sale already.

The Surface Hub 2S is powered by 8th gen Intel Core i5 processor, Intel UHD Graphics 620, 8GB RAM and 128GB SSD. A new 85-inch variant of Surface Hub 2S will be coming in 2020.

The Surface Hub 2S can run on battery when paired with the Steelcase Roam Mobile Stand and APC Charge Mobile Battery.

As announced already, the Surface Hub 2S customers will be able to upgrade to Surface Hub 2X experience using a processor cartridge accessory. The Surface Hub 2X processor cartridge will offer better hardware performance and also will enable new software experiences like screen rotation and others.

Surface Hub 2S 50-inch will be priced at $8,999.99. The 84-inch variant with Intel Core i7 will cost $19,999. It is expected to ship imminently.

See more about the device below:

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