Copy and Paste is one of the most fundamental features of an operating system, but it is surprising how often it becomes an issue, as many Windows users are discovering recently.

Now Surface Duo users are joining the chorus of users complaining of unreliable and glitchy copy and paste.

Reddit user Chris St Aubyn is complaining following the December 2021 update for the Surface Duo (which only brought security fixes) he is unable to Copy and Paste using the device, with the device glitching when the menu is brought up.

His complaint is corroborated by another user who said “Not only in edge, everywhere. It is ruining my whole multi-tasking experience“, while a third noted “I’m having a problem where text that is copied from one screen doesn’t paste on the other. Which for me destroys almost the whole point of dual screens.

Some of the users are hoping that the long-awaiting update to Android 11 will save them. Microsoft promised this before the end of the year, but it seems unlikely the company will be able to deliver this Christmas present.

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