Best Buy selling the Surface Duo for only $1099, $300 off

by Surur
October 25, 2020

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Microsoft has cut the price of the Surface Duo by $200 for a limited time, but the best place to purchase a Surface Duo remains Best Buy, where you can now find the handset a full $300 below its launch price.

The 128 GB version is on sale for $1,099.99 and the 256 GB version for $1,199.99

To get the extra $100 off you have to purchase the handset with AT&T activation, however.

The deal is not a further discount on the handset, as Best Buy has been offering the activation offer from the launch of the handset.

The Surface Duo features an iconic super-thin design with dual screens designed for effortless multitasking and productivity.

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The full specs include:

Screen Dual-pane 5.6 inches, total resolution 2700 x 1800 px
Processor Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 855
Storage 128 GB or 256 GB
Operating System Android 10
Size/Weight 145.2 mm (H) x 93.3 mm (W) x 9.9 mm (closed), 250g
Battery 3577mAh
Camera 11MP, f/2.0
Price $1399 for 128 GB, $1499 for 256GB launch day

You can grab the deal at Best Buy here.

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