Report: Black Surface Duo, international launch on the way

by Surur
December 1, 2020
black surface duo

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We reported a few days ago that that Microsoft is moving ahead with the international release of the Surface Duo.

Now a leaker has added corroboration, and also added a tasty additional morsel.

Leaker Cozyplanes says Microsoft is set to release a Surface Duo in Black soon, and that this will soon be followed by an international release.

Reportedly the device will have the same specs as the current handset, including the Snapdragon 855 processor, but we assume with the update Microsoft will also fix some annoying issues such as the easily broken USB port.

Regarding the international roll-out, we had earlier reports that British carriers are in communication with Microsoft about the handset, and we also heard that the device was heading to Germany in Spring 2021.

Currently, the Microsoft Surface Duo is only available in the USA, though a number of fans have already imported the device all over the world, from Japan to Europe. Its international launch had been delayed as Microsoft wanted to gauge the reception of the device in the USA before committing to a wider launch.

The Surface Duo is already certified for Canada, EU, and Japanese markets, and BT/EE has already reportedly agreed to sell the device in UK. Earlier reports suggested that the device may only become available internationally around Q2 2021, ie. around 6 months after its US release.

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