Surface Duo 2 rumours suggest we will not have to wait too long

by Surur
June 9, 2021
surface duo dual-screen gaming 2

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Microsoft is dropping the prices of the current generation of the Surface Duo to clearance levels, suggesting a replacement may be imminent.

Rumours are currently growing of a next-generation Surface Duo code-named Zeta which may be heading to market in September to October 2021.

According to Zac Bowden from Windows Central, the device will finally meet current generation specs, with the handset featuring the Snapdragon 888 processor, 5G, a real main camera and minor missing features such as NFC.

The device will also reportedly feature slimmer bezels, and the camera module will extend into a divot on the other side of the unit, as seen in the image below, allowing a larger camera to be used while still allowing the device to fold open fully.

The handset will reportedly also come with Android 11 at launch, but with better integration of the Surface Pen.

Hopefully, Microsoft will also address the build quality and durability issues the first generation revealed.

via WindowsUnited, WindowsCentral

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