Here is how Microsoft’s Surface Dock 2 is different from its predecessor

by Rahul
May 30, 2020

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Microsoft announced a slew of new hardware and accessory this month — Surface Dock 2 is one of the accessories that the company announced. Surface Dock 2 comes with plenty of new improvements over the first-Gen Surface Dock. It comes with faster charging, faster data transfer rates, and of course, it’s compatible with all the recent Surface devices.

But besides performance, the latest Surface Dock 2 is also quite different in terms of sizes and a couple of other things. It draws more power as it’s a power rating of 199W vs 99W for the 1st Gen Surface Dock. The newer model also got a Microsoft logo, something that’s missing on its predecessor. The SurfLink cable used in the new one is slightly longer — ~81cm long vs 69cm in the older model. The new Surface Dock is also lighter than the 1st Gen — the new Surface Dock weighs 558gm, while the older one weighs 597gm.

There are some notable similarities between the two. The packaging, power connector, SurfLink 40-pin connector, height of the Surface Dock 2 is exactly the same as its predecessor.

You can now order the new Surface Dock 2 from Microsoft Store and Amazon for $259. Find the links below.

via Dancharblog

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