Suning already offering Windows Phones for pre-order in China


Chinese support for Windows Phone 7 is only expected in the second half od 2012, but it seems no-one told Suning, Microsoft’s Chinese retail partner for Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8.

The large retailer has been passing round a circular calling the 6 handsets, which include 3 Windows Phones, the “6 most anticipated products in the year of the dragon” and are offering the Nokia Lumia 800, 900 and HTC Titan for pre-order.

Buyers will have to put down ?100 (about 16 US$) to secure the phones, which translates into a ?300 reduction when the phone actually ships.

WPSauce notes that a pre-order 6 months before availability seems unlikely, suggesting Chinese support has been moved up quite a bit.

China has recently overtaken USA as the largest smartphone market in the world, and is one of Nokia’s stronger markets. I am sure the company cant wait to bring their devices to the region.

Via WPSauce and  WPXAP.