Style Jukebox is a free Google Music alternative for Windows Phone

Style Jukebox is a cloud-based music service, that wants to help you rediscover your music collection, by making it accessible anywhere, on all your devices.

Style Jukebox is free up to 1,000 (~5 GB, More than Dropbox free) songs and it’s available for Windows, Windows Phone and also Android and iOS devices.

On Windows you have a full, iTunes  like (but faster and lighter) music app, that browses your computer for music and uploads everything to our servers. Your music and playlist are all synced in the Cloud, instantly accessible for download or streaming from all your computers and mobile devices.

The service also crawls services like Dropbox and SkyDrive, and imports all your music to the Style Jukebox account.

You can download Style Jukebox for free from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Remember to download it for your computer too, to start uploading the music.