Strangeloop finds IE10 to be 8% faster than Chrome 20


In a study of website and browser performance Strangeloop, a provider of web acceleration solutions to companies like eBay and Visa, has found that Microsoft’s latest greatest browser has finally taken the crown over their main rival, Google’s Chrome.

In a test of loading the Alexa Retail 2000, the 2000 biggest commercial websites, they found IE10 loaded webpages fractionally faster than Firefox on first view, and 8% faster than Google Chrome 20.

The result was also apparent when it came to re-visiting a page, when IE10 also edged out Google Chrome and Firefox.

The study is good news for Windows 8 tablet users, where the browser will likely remain the default Metro browser, and for Windows Phone 8 users, where users do not have a choice regarding the default browser. 

The study can be downloaded at Strangeloop here.