StorSimple adds support for Azure cool Blob storage


Microsoft today announced that StorSimple now supports Azure Blob storage accounts. Microsoft specifically mentioned in their blog post that StorSimple 8000 Series Storage Arrays, StorSimple Cloud Appliances and the StorSimple Virtual Array will have full support for both the hot and cool access tiers provided by Blob storage accounts. Azure Blob storage accounts can be used just like general purpose storage accounts within StorSimple. When you configure a StorSimple volume container to use a Blob storage account, all cloud tiered data and cloud snapshot data will go to that storage account.

Blob storage accounts are specialized storage accounts for storing your unstructured data as blobs (objects) in Azure Storage. With Blob storage accounts, you can now choose between hot and cool storage access tiers. And you can switch between hot and cool access tiers any time with a quick toggle from the Azure portal. The latency for Blob storage accounts (hot and cool) is in the milliseconds and the scalability and performance targets are the same as general-purpose storage accounts.

Read about it in detail here.

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