Steve Ballmer admits Windows Phone still “very small”

Exact sales figures for Windows Phone 7 has been very hard to come by, not least because Microsoft has so far refused to release any activation numbers.

Today for the first time Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer has publicly admitted the OS still has to gain traction.

At the Microsoft World Wide Partner Conference, where he touted some massive sales numbers, such as 400 million Windows 7 licenses sold and 100 million Office 10 licences sold in one year, he noted regarding Windows Phone 7 “In a year, we’ve gone from very small to … very small,”.

He noted however that things will not stay this way.

You will see a lot of progress in the market going forward,” he said.

One of the main ways Microsoft intends to add scale to the Windows Phone 7 equation is its tie-up with Nokia, who adopted the OS as its primary smartphone operating system in February this year, and is set to release its first handset running the OS before the end of the year. Given that Nokia has been stumbling itself against iPhone and Android in terms of smartphone market share, there is however no guarantee.  IDC did however predict Windows Phone 7 would overtake iOS by 2015 largely in the basis of Nokia’s adoption.