Stephen Elops confirms slow Nokia Lumia 920 production ramp-up, says it is “deliberate strategy”

Yle have spoken to Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop, who was asked several burning questions, including about the Nokia Lumia 920 shortages.

He warned that there were still hard times coming, but that morale was high in the company and things were looking up. He was especially appreciative of share holders who continued to support the company.

On the issue of Nokia Lumia shortages he did not quite confirm the device was selling very well, but did say the company was “on a strategy as we introduce the 920 and 820 to start with an initial level of production and to build that over time, to get to the point where we are expanding everything that we are doing, store by store and now country by country, and going into the next part of the new year. So we are on a very deliberate strategy to grow this over time and things are going reasonably well based on the consumer feedback.”

Some have said Nokia did not produce high levels of Lumia 920’s to avoid excess inventory as was supposedly the case with the Lumia 800, while others have said this was to create artificial scarcity.

Be that as it may, it seems Nokia knows what they are doing, even if that means some of us can not get our Lumia 920’s exactly when we wanted to.

Thanks Josip for the tip.

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