Stephen Elop explains why Nokia dumped Meego for Windows Phone 7

imageThere is a crowd which is not particularly happy about Nokia adopting Windows Phone 7 in favour of growing Meego instead.

Apparently Stephen Elop responds to emails to his company address ( ) much like that other Steve, and to to the MyNokia blog’s question “Why kill off MeeGo when it has the potential to be better then WP and iOS? Is it due to past loyalties?” he responded:

Hello there,



In our strategic assessment, we determined that the MeeGo effort could not quickly enough deliver us a range of solutions across price points, radio technologies, etc. for us to effectively compete, so we had to make an alternative decision.



While this in the end does not tell us much about Meego and its potential, it does tell us about Nokia plans to release Windows Phones over a range of price points, including presumable the low end, and also with different radios, hopefully not just 4G but also CDMA for half of the American market.

Read more at the MyNokia Blog here.

Thanks AKA MStar for the tip.