“Valve” and “moderation”: two words that should go together but rarely do. Thankfully, the Steam owners are adding more moderation in an often exploited area of it’s storefront: the Steam Workshop.

Quickly and quietly, Valve has altered the way that game modifications are introduced to Steam Workshop pages. Instead of creating a mod and simply uploading it to Steam, new user-created content will need to go through an individual moderation process before being available for other players.

Spotted by PCGamesN on the Counter Strike: Global Offensive subreddit,

“This sh** was getting out of control thank god,” said one user. “FINALLY!,” said another.

New mods created for moderated titles will go through a simple two-step process before being verified. First, the modder will have to verify their email. Secondly, the content must be approved by a moderator.

“Newly submitted and updated items will be placed into a moderation queue,” reads the new modding help page. “You’ll be able to view and edit the content during this process, but other players will not be able to view changes until they’re approved.”

Fans are happy that the new moderation process should be able to crack down on phishing scams that currently plague the Steam Workshop for Counter Strike. According to Reddit user CrusaderTheTater, maps would often be created with the title HUGE KNIFE GIVEAWAY and include fake Steam login pages to steal information. With the use of bots, they’d be able to quickly get their scams at the top of a game’s workshop page.
Valve has since said that only certain titles will have strictly moderated mod pages and that new mods for Valve titles should be vetted within 24 hours.