UPDATE 8:36pm GMT: Steam is no longer down and both the Steam client and Valve website appear to be mostly back online. Some connection issues may linger, but should be sorted soon enough. Happy gaming!

No, it’s not you or your internet connection – most of Steam is down right now, along with the official Valve website.

It’s not currently known that’s causing the outages and Valve has yet to comment, but the unofficial Steam status tracker is reporting that 55% of Steam’s connection manager servers are currently down.

Downdetector also confirms this, with the outage map highlighting spots across the globe including central Europe, the UK, the east coast of America, and Malaysia.

Some people are reporting that Steam is working just fine for them, others are reporting that while their game library works, online features such as the store and their friends list aren’t. A couple of lucky people are reporting that Steam’s working almost perfectly for them, sans their friends list.

For me, neither the Steam client nor Steam pages in my browser are loading, but you might be luckier. Let us know in the comments below if you’re having trouble too.

Interestingly, the official Valve website is also down. Seems like Valve is just having a hard time all round right now.

We’ll update when Steam goes back online. For now, consider playing a game that doesn’t require the Steam client (hint – Farming Simulator 19 is currently free on the Epic Games Store).