You can save up to 90% on games in the Steam LGBTQ+ Games Sale


12, 2019

Author Ash // in Game, News

Steam currently has a LGBTQ+ Games Sale on, meaning players can save up to 90% on games with LGBTQ+ themes or that have been made by LGBTQ+ devs.

Deals include 50% off the hit dating sim Monster Prom, 60% off the walking simulator Gone Home, 30% off the adventure game Night in the Woods, 69% off the iconic Dream Daddy dating simulator, and many more.

All of the instalments in the Life Is Strange series are also on sale, with the first game being 80% off, Before the Storm being 70% off, and the first episode of Life is Strange 2 being 65% off.

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The sale comes in the wake of both National Coming Out Day, which took place on October 11th, and International Lesbian Day, which took place on October 8th. October is also LGBT History Month in the USA and Canada.

There are plenty of games for all types of gamers, including RPGs, visual novels, arcade games, introspective games, dating simulators, mystery & horror games, and many more.

Having said that, visual novel lovers will find themselves most catered to in this sale, with over 30 visual novels on sale.

Fascinatingly, there’s a girl-meets-girl yuri visual novel on sale that also teaches the player how to speak Esperanto. The Expression Amrilato is 30% off and is perfect for anyone who enjoys wholesome love stories between two girls while also learning a new language.

You can shop the Steam LGBTQ+ Sale for yourself by clicking on the following link. Just be aware that several of the games (especially the visual novels) do contain NSFW themes, so be careful if you’re browsing in public.

The Steam LGBTQ+ Sale ends on the 15th of October. Happy gaming!

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