Startup brings Minecraft in Augmented Reality to Google’s ARCore

by Surur
September 18, 2017

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Microsoft has shown off Minecraft on the HoloLens on a number of occasions, but very few of us have $3500 HoloLens headsets.

South African startup Minecraft AR’s mission is to bring Minecraft in Augmented Reality to affordable devices, and have now ported a¬†viewer which lets you see your Minecraft creations on iOS and Android using ARKit and ARCore.

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Their solution currently interfaces with Minecraft via Forge and the Raspberry Jam Mod. Using WIFI the app then finds your open world and displays it in Augmented Reality.

If there is enough interest they plan to release their solution to a limited number of testers.

Ultimately they would like to develop a complete Minecraft Client and also a new gameplay style/angle for smart devices that would allow players to visualize their world in augmented reality, interact with their map via “minions” who you could order to for example collect resources while you’re not playing on your PC and use Google Cardboard to swap between AR/VR perspectives of worlds.

Read more about the company at their website here.

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