Stardock’s TouchTasks is a new app that helps you be more productive on your Windows 10 touch PC. TouchTasks app takes advantage of the fact that the touch sensitive area of a touch screen is larger than the display part of the screen and allows you to assign tasks to five different zones on the screen.

By default, TouchTasks assigns the left middle edge of the touch screen to bring up a dock for launching apps. The right middle edge is assigned to displaying active windows to switch between. The top right is assigned to bring up the brightness control, and the top left brings up the on-screen keyboard. These defaults can be changed to any action you choose.

You’ll also be able to change the default settings and assign any task to any zone. Another cool feature is that the settings remain familiar if you switch from portrait to landscape mode or vice-versa — screen orientation doesn’t affect the position.

Stardock’s TouchTasks app is not free, it usually costs $9.99, but the software is now available at a price point of $4.99. Stardock will go back to the original pricing after the introductory period, so make sure to purchase it right now at half of its original price.

Source: Stardock; via WC