The upcoming Tesla holiday software update promises a Full Self-Driving preview, ‘Lost Backgammon’, and popular farming simulator Stardew Valley.

Games have been available for a while in Tesla vehicles thanks to Tesla Arcade, including Cuphead, Fallout Shelter, and several Atari classics.

All games are completely free to download and play, which is pretty good considering the price of your average Tesla. Musk didn’t mention which version of Stardew Valley would be coming to Tesla vehicles but if it’s the 1.4 update, Tesla owners are in for a treat.

Note: It’s highly unlikely that multiplayer will come to the Tesla version of Stardew Valley. Apologies to those who wanted to farm with their fellow Tesla owners.

Musk also didn’t quite specify what ‘Lost Backgammon’ is but there’s a high chance that it’ll be a Lost-themed variation of Backgammon, given how the TV show had quite an emphasis on the game throughout the series.

Games on Tesla are playable through either the touchscreen, steering wheel buttons, or a USB controller. A typical in-game day in Stardew Valley lasts around 13.5 real life minutes, so you can now plan your travel time around keeping your farm in check. Just make sure you’re parked safely somewhere before playing.

As for the FSD sneak preview, Musk has confirmed that it’ll only be coming to those with HW3. Apologies to those who have yet to be upgraded to HW3. At least you’ll have Stardew Valley!

The holiday update should be coming soon, as Musk Tweeted that it “needs a few more days of validation, then early access, then wide release” on the 20th of December.