EA Motive’s surprise hit Star Wars Squadrons will be receiving some awesome free content with two major updates coming to the arcade space simulator. 

Revealed through a post on the game’s official blog,  two forthcoming updates will add new Star Wars Squadrons content for the game’s multiplayer functionality.

On November 25th, players will be able to fight on an all-new multiplayer arena: Fostar Haven. This map is based on the first mission of the game’s campaign,  retooled to be a frantic multiplayer battleground on Fleet Battle and Dogfight modes.

This first update will also give players the Boost Extension Kit that give you access to new tools including Ion Rockets,  Anti-Material Rocket Turrets and more.

The second free Star Wars Squadrons update will arrive next month and will include two new ships to pilot. The New Republic will duck and weave work the beloved B-Wing bomber ship; the Empire will fight back with the deadly Tie Defender.

On top of that,  players will be able to host custom matches with their own player limits and game modifiers.

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