Standalone Metro UI for the WP7 Hungry People


22, 2010

Well this one is just a little much. It seems everyone has been having Metro fever, and now a new developer has even gone a little further to create his first WM application, and what did he choice? WP7 Metro. The theme created yesterday by an XDA member is one of many attempts at creating a Metro experience on less awesome devices. This application is created for QVGA devices, and is the first of many updates to come from this app.

hi guys

my first attempt.. i’m only learning wm programming.. so nothing big..

tried to come up with a standalone app, givin u some sort of WP7 look.. QVGA only now, for WM6.5

doesn’t do much.. just two pages for now..(will add more later if u like it)

still beta…i’ll assume no responsibilities…

u dont have customization options right now.. will work on it later (right now, semester ending 🙂 )

things to do..
just install the cab and run from the start menu…only one thing required.. install nitrogen first… in storage or device..
i’d recommend u to disable all today items first (not needed but saves battery)


thanks to dwizzy130 for his small start menu app..
borrowed some icons from Atualizado’s wad2 QVGA.. thanks to him..

only tried it on my Jade (dont have any other phone) on megade2.0.g rom.. dont know how it’ll go on other roms..

download and pls leave comments if u use it.. thanks.. (and sorry for my english.. not a native english speaker)

You can try your luck with this app over at XDA

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