ST-Ericsson plan to support Windows Phone 8

imageIt seem ST-Ericsson, who has been hoping to join the Windows Phone 7 party, has like Nvidia been locked out of the market, but like Nvidia also plan to make a come back at the end of 2012 with Windows Phone 8.

At the launch of its NovaThor Tech Center, Gilles Delfassy, CEO of ST-Ericsson, told reporters he did not expect to support Nokia’s first Windows Phone 7 handsets, but it has put a team in place to support Windows Phone 8 on its chips.

The company is currently working on dual-core ARM Cortex A-15 set to ship in 2012, which is expects to perform better than rival chipsets due to its Imagination Rogue graphics core.

The companies are however competing with a near exclusive relationship with Qualcomm for Windows Phone 7 handsets, which is likely only to ease some time next year.

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