SQL Database Query Editor now available in Azure Portal


31, 2017

Microsoft yesterday announced the availability of an in-browser query tool for Azure SQL Databases and SQL Data Warehouses in the Azure Portal. With the new SQL Database Query Editor, you can access and query your database without needing to connect from a client tool or configure firewall rules.

Query Editor Features:

  • If you are the AAD admin for this SQL server, you will be automatically logged in when you first open the Query Editor using AAD single sign-on.
  • Many common queries can be run in this editor, such as create new table, display table data, edit table data, create a stored procedure, or drop table. You have the flexibility to execute partial queries or batch queries in this editor.
  • You can also load an existing query file into the Query Editor or save your current script in this editor to your local machine.
  • Another similarity between this Query Editor and SSMS is the ability to resize the Results pane to get the desired ratio between the Editor and Results sections. You can also filter results by keyword rather than having to scroll through all the output.

Learn about how to access this new Query Editor experience here.

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