A Spotify UWP app may be on the way

by Surur
October 14, 2017

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Microsoft in 2017 has been much more about cooperating than competing, meaning when it decided to end its music service it also made an effort to hand over its Groove Music subscribers to earlier rival Spotify.

Microsoft already had a pre-existing relationship with the Swedish company, introducing Spotify as one of its first high profile Project Centennial apps in May this year. Ultimately however only a proper UWP app would be a full replacement for the Groove Music app, especially because Project Centennial apps only work on PC, while not being available in Mixed Reality or Windows Phone.

On Twitter, @hermitdave asked Microsoft’s Alex Kipman about the issue and received the following response.

For Spotify to work in Mixed Reality it would need to be a UWP app. The company does of course already have a UWP app for the Xbox One, which works pretty happily on Windows 10, as can be seen from the screenshot above. It does, however, lack many of the features of the full desktop app, meaning unless further developed it would not be a good replacement.

In a further tweet Alex appeared to confirm as much.

It is unfortunately also not clear if the app will then also be made officially available on Windows 10.

Microsoft is launching its Mixed Reality platform on the 17th October with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, and it is possible we will hear more there.

Via Surface-phone.it

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