Spotify’s new ‘Soundtrack Your Workout’ feature will now make you a custom workout playlist


9, 2020

Author Rahul // in Apps

In an effort to offer a more personalized playlist for fitness lovers, Spotify has introduced a new feature called ‘Soundtrack Your Workout.’ The new feature lets Spotify users answer a few questions regarding their workouts and preferences and based on the response it receives from the listeners, it’ll create a playlist for them.

Spotify gives eight different workouts to select from and lets users tell who they’re working out with. Users will then have to tell Spotify their current mood, after which users will be able to select music and podcast genres that they want to listen to.

The playlist can include podcasts, music and a mix of both and the best part is you’ll be able to select the length of the playlist. According to The Verge, the playlist can be as long as two hours. Users also get the option to block specific content, so if ever you feel the need to block any content, you can easily do so by customizing the playlist.

This isn’t the first time Spotify has launched a feature that creates a playlist based on users’ preferences. Back in 2015, the music streaming giant built a sort-of-similar feature for runners, though it discontinued it after a few years.

You can learn more about the new ‘Soundtrack Your Workout’ feature from here.

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