Spotify now supports Windows 10’s native audio controls in new update


Spotify today updated their app for Windows Desktop on PCs and tablets.  The new update doesn’t come with an accompanying changelog, but Spotify has now added support for Windows’ native media APIs.

This means that you can now control music playing on Spotify not just from the taskbar or inside the app, but from the both lockscreen and the media control widget that appears when you press the volume keys just like you can with Groove or any other media app.

While these APIs were traditionally used by Windows 10 Universal apps and/or Windows 8(8.1) Universal apps, older apps based on Win32 like Slack, the Office 365 Suite and now Spotify are now adopting it.

You can download Spotify for Windows 10 from the source link below, or update it via the about screen on the app if you already have it installed.