Spotify Island game screenshot
Spotify Island

It’s official: Spotify is now on Roblox, and players will experience a colorful world full of music and games through Spotify Island. Further, the world will allow the players to connect to their favorite artists, buy artists’ virtual merchandise, complete interactive quests, unlock exclusive content, and even experience being creators themselves.

“Spotify is the first music-streaming brand to have a presence on Roblox, a virtual universe where users can create and play games and share experiences with friends,” Spotify says in a blog post announcing the launch of the virtual world. “Through this interactive world, we’re creating a place where fans can link up and create new sounds together, hang out in digital spaces, and gain access to exclusive virtual merch. Spotify Island is an audio oasis that has it all.”

Spotify Island will be filled with activities and items that players can experience themselves. They can be experienced through a collection of themed islands surrounding the central mainland of the world. It gives players different parts of the island to explore. While doing so, they will be given a choice to play the soundtrack powered by Soundtrap. The audio creation tool will further engage visitors to the island by letting them experience creating music and exploring new sounds using the virtual beat-maker stations. 

Spotify Island also offers exclusive Spotify merchandise and special artist merchandise for players. The latter will serve as an additional way of revenue for creators. To show its dedication to helping them, Spotify promises that it will allow them to keep the sales for themselves (except for the portion of the Roblox).

Additionally, players can collect heart-shaped “Like” icons spread across the island that can be exchanged for merch and unlock hidden Easter eggs. The more heart collected, the higher your spot will be on the island’s “The Charts” leaderboard.

Spotify has huge plans for the virtual world. The company said in its announcement that new worlds are set to be opened for players in the future, including the K-Park, which honors the K-pop culture that is a massive hit anywhere in the world now. Once ready, Spotify promises to give fans superstars Stray Kids and SUNMI and other K-pop artists fans can interact with.

According to Spotify, the new game will help it connect with Gen Z gamers, who, according to a Deloitte survey it cited, spend 11 to 13 hours per week playing games. “We want to meet this next generation of gamers where they are, while opening up new opportunities for fans and artists to engage in play,” said Alia Calhoun, global head of Partner Marketing, during the Roblox world demo on Monday.