Spotify For Windows Phone Is Now Live In Marketplace

spotify new

Spotify for Windows Phone is now available for download from marketplace. The app is free but requires Spotify premium account to stream music to our devices.

App Description:

-Search, browse and play more than one million tracks.

-Explore and play lists of your friends and your favorite songs.

-Access your songs using the WiFi network or 2.5 / 3 G.

-Lists of offline music, play your songs without having access to the internet.

-Automatic synchronization of all the songs on your mobile phone and your computer at the time.

-New display of novelties.

-Receive music that your friends send you using your Inbox.

-Mark your favorite songs so that they appear in a special list.

-Share your favorite tracks on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook,etc,.

-Access your friends playlist within this app.

Some Windows Phone exclusive things on this app,

  • With Windows Phone, you can also anchor your favorite Spotify playlists to the home screen so you can hear your music quickly and easily.
  • Thanks to the multi-tasking, with Windows Phone can listen to your music on Spotify at the same time you are using other apps or services.

You can download this app here from Windows Phone marketplace.