Spotify client Spoticast’s design now makes a lot of sense for the Xbox


24, 2017

Spoticast for Spotify is the best way to access Spotify on your Xbox (after a fashion), and while it isn’t the real Spotify app, but it’s the best option so far.

Version 4.0 in the Windows Store comes with The interface has been updated for the XBox so it now makes sense for a device which is controlled by a gamepad as opposed to one which is controlled by a keyboard and mouse, or one which is completely controlled by purely touch.

Here’s the changelog via the Windows Store:

  • This is a major release with a fresh new interface optimised for XboxOne and gamepad. The old [hamburger menu + cursor navigation] interface is still available (switch in the Settings).
  • The new interface uses the new background audio model (switch automatically sound in the background, no need to select it).
  • The UI is designed for a gamepad, with handy shortcuts (don’t forget the hamburger button on the gamepad to open submenus).
You can download the Spoticast app for Windows 10 and the Xbox from the Store links.
Spodicast Music
Spodicast Music
Developer: Webrox
Price: Free
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