Spotify announces a design refresh for its Library interface

Spotify is updating its app’s library design for speed, the firm revealed today. Ever since Spotify began to integrate Podcasts into its app, both podcasts and songs were thrown together in a sort of haphazard fashion. Now Spotify’s addressing that in a new update.

“Everything about the reimagined Library is designed to get you to the content you want faster,” Spotify says, “It also makes getting started and staying up-to-date with podcasts on Spotify a seamless, personalized experience.”

From now, users will see a division between their Music and Podcasts when opening the app’s Library interface. directly. Music will be spit into the usual categories of Playlists, Artist and Albums, while Podcasts will be categorized into Downloads, Shows and Episodes.

Personally, this redesign brings Spotify more in line with traditional music apps like Apple Music and Google Play Music. It also makes it easier to navigate your music library. As for the podcasts side of it — while not overly enamoured with them — it does have a certain practicality to it for those who are.

Spotify is rolling out these updates to Premium users from today, and users should expect app updates from their respective app stores where applicable.

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