Spotify adds new Classic Sega soundtracks to its library

Streaming service Spotify has become gamer friendly in recent months, after adding a new gaming section to its service a while back. Now Sega is picking up the baton and has uploaded quite a few of its own gaming soundtracks to the service.

The firm is now offering many of its classic gaming soundtracks on Spotify’s platform including the likes of  Sonic the Hedgehog, Fantasy Zone, Golden Axe, NiGHTS, Virtua Fighter, Jet Set Radio and more.

You’ll be forgiven for not knowing Sega had a gaming channel on Spotify – it isn’t the first thing that comes to mind after all – but there’s nothing quite like the contrast of an old soundtrack reminding you of simpler gaming titles iin the background while you’re playing some of the today’s more complex games.

You can grab them from Sega’s channel on Spotify here, and download the Spotify for Windows app here.

Avid gamer? Let us know what you think of Sega’s musical generosity in the comments below.

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