Specs of Asus’ upcoming Zenbook Pro (2017) leak

Asus’s Zenbook line is a sleek looking line of laptops which have received accolades for their design and screen quality yet have fallen behind mainstays like Dell’s XPS line and HP’s Spectres due to the whole package not being up to par. If Italian site NotebookItalia’s report is accurate, Asus is winding up to deliver another entry into the laptop space with its 2017 edition of the Asus Zenbook Pro.

The purported Asus Zenbook Pro will have the model number ASUS Zenbook UX530 and come with a number of improvements. First of all, it’ll sport one of Intel’s newest 7th generation Kaby Lake U series processors and ake advantage of the improved battery life and performance from those.

Inside, it’ll also pack RAM of up to 16GB and SSD storage up to 512 GB on the higher end and come with a Nvidia Geforce GPU as standard.

In addition to that it’s rumored to have a 4K screen with a 360 x 246 x 16.9 mm chassis. As for weight, it should come up as just about 1.63 KG, making it a pretty light laptop to throw in a backpack or messenger bag and get work done on the go.

If Asus is indeed launching this device, next week at MWC is a perfect time to announce their new device, and we’ll learn more about it when it comes out.
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Image via Digital Trends