SPB Mobile Shell Gone Android


SPB Mobile Shell has stepped out the bloggers view for a while considering interest is down and no new development but here is a little something from XDA. The latest theme for SPB is made by one of their members (like usual), his goes by the name @mark@ and certainly has done something awesome with this new theme. Unlike other Android based themes, this one has a more colorful, clean, and simple look and it goes with what Samsung Galaxy has, and I am sure many people will want to get this theme if they are still running SPB.

Contains :
* Lots of New widgets.
* Xperia 10 And Android Status icons .
* Android Weather widget skins.
* New Menu bar .
* Support landscape mode .
* New Background .
* And More ….
RELEASE Galaxy Android Style v1 :
– 20 August 2010
Requirement :
* WVGA/VGA Windows Mobile .
* Spb Mobile Shell 3.5.5 .
* Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 .

Download it

P.S Has anyone heard anything about SPB 5 for Windows Mobile. It was to be released this summer, but we all forgot and now I want it again.. Mmmm.