Spatial is a new collaboration platform that runs on Microsoft HoloLens


24, 2018

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Spatial is a new collaboration platform that will allow users to collaborate, search, and share content as if they were in the same room. Spatial platform supports the following features:

  • Teleport: Virtually feel face to face with lifelike avatars and shared walls.
  • Visualize: Rich knowledge work tools let your team fill a room with ideas.
  • Extend: Seamlessly extend content from your PC and phone into AR.

With teleport, you can setup a meeting with spatial audio and 3d telepresence. You can convert your 2D photos into 3D avatars for spatial meetings. These meetings are not just limited to AR devices like HoloLens, and MagicLeap, they can be joined from VR, PC or Phone. Spatial allows you to share and organize 3d models, videos, docs, images, websites. The 3D Web Browser allows you to browse and organize tabs at room scale. And all your work is saved for later to view again in another environment.

Spatial also allows you to use extend your computer or phone by using the space around you. You can drag and drop photos, docs or 3D models from the web app. You can share photos and write or scribble sticky notes from a phone to Spatial environment. And the Screenshare feature allows you to share your mobile screen into the space around you.

Check out the video demo above to understand how Spatial works. Spatial today announced that it has raised $8 million in seed funding from a list of investors and angels including iNovia Capital, Garrett Camp with Expa, Samsung Next, Joi Ito, Mark Pincus and Andy Hertzfeld.

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