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SpaceX has been working on driving the cost out of their dish, which costs more than $1000 to manufacture.

The company has now released a new Starlink dish with a new square design which will likely help the company achieve its profitability goals and also fix some of the deficiencies of the older version.

“The ones we will have later this year will cost roughly half of what our current user terminals cost,” SpaceX president Gwynne Shotwell said during a discussion at Space Symposium earlier this year. “And then we think we’ll be able to cut that in half yet again.”

The new dish is thinner and lighter and its accompanied router is more rugged.

Unfortunately, the new $499 dish does not come at a lower price, but hopefully, the newer system is more resilient to overheating than the older device.

The new router sports a 3 x 3, MU-MIMO WIFI antenna, but now lacks an ethernet port, though an adaptor is available for purchase.

The new dish also comes with new mounting options, including poles that attach to the side of houses and even a simple vertical one which can be mounted directly to the ground, allowing users more flexibility in finding unshaded areas.

The new dish should be available to all new orders fulfilled and can be ordered from Starlink here. There may however be some delays due to the worldwide chip shortage, which is also affecting Starlink’s manufacturing.

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