South Korean government planning to move 3.3 million Windows PCs to Linux

Last year, we reported that South Korean government is considering to migrate its Windows 7-based desktop PCs to Linux. Recently, the South Korean Ministry of Strategy and Planning has revealed its plans on how it will migrate to Linux OS. Overall, South Korean government is planning to migrate 3.3 million Windows PCs to Linux.

“We will resolve our dependency on a single company while reducing the budget by introducing an open-source operating system,” said Choi Jang-hyuk, a South Korean government government official involved in the planning.

Right now, government employees are using two different PCs for their work, one is connected to the internet and the other is isolated from the internet. The government wants to replace the two separate PCs with a single PC which can access a virtual desktop for secure work needs. Some government agencies which require Windows OS will continue to use PCs running Windows. The South Korean government will also work with ministries to migrate their apps to Linux.

From October this year, the South Korean government will start testing the new Linux-based solution. By 2026, the migration process will be complete.

Source: Newsis