Rapper Soulja Boy has made headlines recently after reselling cheap emulation boxes for a healthy profit. But the rapper isn’t content with just selling consoles – he wants to start an esports “empire”.

Talking to TMZ Sports, Soulja said that he wants to start his Esports team in 2019. With Fortnite, Call of Duty, Counter-Strike and more are on the radar.

“We’re gonna be finding talent, hiring talent,” the rapper told TMZ.

Soulja’s inspiration allegedly comes from the Twitch streamer Ninja, one of gaming’s biggest stars. You have to be pretty big to go on-stage at The Game Awards with Pepe the King Prawn.

According to TMZ, Ninja and Soulja Boy are allegedly good friends and the streamer has taught him a lot about the Esports business.

With Ninja’s current contract with Esports team Luminosity allegedly ending soon, there’s a chance that Fortnite’s most popular streamer will move to Soulja’s team.

But Soulja, quit it with the consoles, yeah?

Source: TMZ