Xbox Store begins rolling out 4K HDR movies

Update: It looks like the Microsoft Store is rolling out 4K content now. The first movie to get this treatment is The Lego Batman Movie. Not only does the film support 4K, it also supports HDR lighting. The title definitely pops on screen. We imagine even more 4K HDR films will be added in the coming hours to days.

It looks like Microsoft is testing out their own 4K video content for Movies & TV on Xbox One S. Various users recently reported that the company wanted them to complete an Xbox Insider task which asked them to watch a short UHD clip of Pacific Rim and give their feedback. Did it run smoothly? Was it UHD? That’s what the company wanted to know.

Given the fact that Microsoft is testing out the service, it may be a sign that it’s going to be officially unveiled soon. However, this might just be the first steps that they’re taking so there’s no way we can be sure. Either ways, if you have an Xbox One S and a 4K television, be sure to check out the clip if you’re part of the Xbox Insider program.

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