Sony reportedly working on a roll-up smartphone with “Nautilus Design”



It seems the folding smartphone arena needs to make space for another contender, according to regular Samsung leaker Max J, AKA Samsung News.

He reports that Sony is working on a new folding phone with a “Nautilus Design”, attaching a 2016 video showing a roll-up Sony display being demonstrated.

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The specs will reportedly include:

  • 3220mAh
  • SM7250 SoC
  • LG Display
  • Nautilus Design
  • 10x Zoom Camera

The retail models may feature an updated Snapdragon 855 Soc processor and Qualcomm X50 Modem.

Sony would not be the only one exploring the roll-up smartphone design, with Samsung showing off such a concept some years ago.

Sony’s device is reportedly heading for market at the end of the year or early next year.

Would our readers be interested in a roll-up phone, especially one wrapped around a 10x zoom Sony camera? Let us know below.

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