Sony Ericsson Windows Phone 7 prototype leaked, or a great photoshop?


The device above looks a lot like the Sony Ericsson X10

Looked what just popped up on Esato’s forums! The device above appears to be the first real photo of a Sony Ericsson Windows phone 7 handset,  and at first glance appears very convincing, featuring the3 right keys in front, and even on the 4 row keyboard I note the accurate placement of the mandatory smilie key.

However Sony Ericsson fans are notorious photoshoppists and hoaxters, and the device does also bear a striking resemblance to the SE X10, so I am not willing to say for sure that this is a real device.

If it is however, and even if its simply a repurposed X10, it does appear significantly thinner than the sliders we have seen so far, which is certainly an improvement.

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