Sony Ericsson announces official launch dates for Xperia X1

Sony Ericsson has officially announced a 30th September lauch date for the Xperia X1 in  UK, Germany and Sweden.  The phone will then roll out accross Europe, Asia and Latin America throughout Q4 2008.

In Asia it will come to Indonesia, Singapore, Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.  In  Europe to Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Portugal, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic.  In the Middle East the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait will be selling the device and in Africa South Africa.

In Latin America Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia will be carrying the smartphone, while in North America, China, Australia and Russia along with other countries not mentioned above availability will be announced by local carriers in the coming months.

Read more at Sony Ericsson here.